Anthony Walters, President & CEO

Anthony Walters, President & CEO for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads

Growing up in Wilmington, Delaware, the Y was a daily refuge for President and CEO Anthony Walters. "I played basketball there frequently with my friends, developed my confidence, sharpened my athletic skill set, and gained an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. And now I have the privilege of serving an organization with which I am deeply connected. I am blessed,” said Walters. 

Walters leads the Y with regard for the organization as one of the most important places for neighbors to connect and engage with one another, in an environment that has the ability to change lives. Walters and the YMCA of South Hampton Roads Strategic Planning Committee launched a new three-year Strategic Plan in February of 2021, charting a very intentional course for the Y through 2023 focused on community impact, organizational reach, and financial resiliency through the theme “Everyone Belongs”. This plan centers the Y’s energy on diversity, character formation, mental wellness, obesity, and improving the association’s equitable practices.

YMCA of South Hampton Roads Association Management

Susan Ohmsen


Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

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Janeine Spencer


Chief People & Culture Officer

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Amelia Scott


Chief Experience Officer

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Adam Kahrl


Chief Operating Officer

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Timothy M. Richardson, Esquire


Chief Legal Officer

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Jamie Childress


Vice President of Youth Development

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Julie Crowley


Vice President of Membership Success

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Christine Duncan


Vice President of Finance

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Teresa Escalante


Vice President of People & Culture

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Todd Heinecke


Vice President of Operations

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Kristen Howard


Vice President of Brand Experience

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Kate Kosky


Vice President of Operations

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Daniel O'Connor


Vice President of Healthy Living

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R.A. Parks


Vice President of Property & Assets

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