Team Up Podcast

YMCA of South Hampton Roads Launches 'Team Up' Podcast

In a world that's constantly evolving and becoming more diverse, fostering understanding and unity within our communities is a vital endeavor. The YMCA of South Hampton Roads is taking a significant step in this direction by launching its first-ever podcast, Team Up. For its first inaugural series and through candid conversations, Team Up seeks to explore the differences that make our community unique, beginning with the international perspective of living in the United States. This topic is especially relevant today as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and communities become more diverse. The podcast will delve into the experiences, views, and challenges faced by individuals who sound, look, or believe differently than their peers.

Team Up aims to create a safe and welcoming space for open conversations. It will feature interviews with individuals from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to share their stories, shed light on their unique experiences, and offer insights into how they have been treated in a society that values diversity.