Weekly Holiday Crafts

Get ready for festive fun at your nearby YMCAs this November and December! We will have free holiday-themed craft days for our members. Dive into the joy of the season by visiting your nearby Y location during drop-in childcare hours. We hope you will join us and let the holiday crafting extravaganza begin! 

November 15: Turkey Popsicle Stick Project


This delightful craft combines creativity with a dash of the holiday spirit!

November 21: Turkey Masks


Celebrate the holiday in style by crafting a personalized mask! 

December 7: Decorate a Winter Hat


Design a cozy winter hat that reflects your unique style! 

December 11: Curled Paper Christmas Trees


Create a whimsical Christmas tree using different color curled paper!

December 21: Natural Twig Tree Ornament


A creative but different craft that connects natural life with paint, glitter, and more!