Frequently Asked Questions | YMCA Camp Silver Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please email our camp team.

Is Camp Silver Beach accredited?

The American Camping Association sets the best standards in the camping industry and we proudly are ACA certified. Being ACA certified is the best guarantee of professionalism in camping because it lets you know we have voluntarily taken the time to make sure our program and our site meets the strictest codes of safety and excellence.


What is the counselor-to-camper ratio?

Camp Silver Beach goes above and beyond American Camping Association ratios by striving to staff 1 counselor to every 4 campers camp wide. We firmly believe that each camper should receive individualized attention.

How are counselors recruited? How are they trained?

Our staff is selected for their ability to be a role model to our campers. They are recruited from all over the world, as far away as Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom. They are trained by specialists in their activity areas, obtaining, as appropriate, YMCA Lifeguard, Alpine Tower International Belay, Coast Guard Captain and American Sailing Association Small Boat Instructor certifications and licenses. They are also trained in specific camp operations, camp polices and practices by our experienced and knowledgeable professional camp director staff. All staff is First Aid, CPR and AED certified. 

How many campers in each cabin?

Up to 10 campers stay in each cabin with two counselors. Each cabin has heat, air conditioning, carpet and two full bathrooms.

What is the food like?

At YMCA Camp Silver Beach, we ensure your meals are healthy, delicious and plentiful!  We use local organic produce whenever possible and prepare many of our dishes from scratch in house. We do not use peanuts in any of our cooking.

The below items are some of our most popular offerings:

  • Breakfast: Eggs, fresh fruit, biscuits, gravy, sausage, cold cereal, bagels, French toast, milk and juice
  • Lunch:  Chicken sandwiches, stir fry, deli sandwiches, a variety of fresh fruit, full salad bar and Sunflower butter & jelly sandwiches are available at all lunches
  • Dinner: Chicken nuggets, pasta, hamburgers and hot dogs, pizza, barbeque, and Taco Tuesday (a tradition!); a variety of fresh fruit, full salad bar and sunflower butter & jelly sandwiches are available at all lunches
Will you be able to work with my camper's specific dietary needs?

Yes. There is a section on the medical form for special dietary needs and allergies.

What do I need to pack?

A packing list is included in the Parent Guide.

Will my campers have access to laundry services?

For any camper staying for multiple sessions, laundry service will be provided for them by our support staff between sessions. Any specific laundry requirements that occur during any single session will also be taken care of as necessary.

Are campers put into cabins by age or grade?

Campers are grouped by age. Campers can request a cabin mate as long as they are within one year apart.

Do you have a doctor on site?

We have a doctor and registered nurses on staff 24/7 during each camp session and a fully equipped health center. In addition, Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital is located 22 miles away. All medicine is distributed at meal times and before bedtime or as indicated by the parent.

Do campers need extra money?

No, campers do not need money. There is the option to purchase T-shirts, hats, etc. on opening/closing day of camp.

When do campers pick their activities?

The activity schedule here at CSB is structured to give our campers as much freedom to dictate their own experience, and allow the events of the week to continue to shape that experience as they see fit. Each camper will have three hours of land activities and three hours of water activities each day. Within those three hour blocks, the camper has individual freedom to choose his or her activity. Each camper will try three different land activities for one hour each and will spend 1.5 hours at the pool and 1.5 hours at the bay, choosing which activities to participate in at each place.

Will I be able to call my child at camp?

Communication with your child at camp is handled through the Boys and Girls head counselors. These staff members are there to provide advice and guidance on how to handle various situations that come up, including homesickness and behavioral issues. This usually involves avoiding direct conversations with your child, but at no point will we ever tell you that you cannot speak to them.

Am I able to email or send mail to my camper?

Email and regular mail are always greatly appreciated by the campers. They are delivered to each cabin or their lunch table every day. They can also respond, using a postcard we provide or using their own stationary. They drop their mail in our convenient mailboxes, either near their cabin or in the dining hall. Email your camper (Please include camper's full name and cabin number.)

Does Camp Silver Beach have any Care Package companies they recommend?

Many parents have used The Wrinkled Egg  and Camp Pacs with great success. Packages can be sent to Camp Silver Beach through UPS, FedEx or the US Mail.

FedEx and UPS Address:
6272 YMCA Lane, Jamesville, VA 23398

US Mail Address:
PO Box 69, Jamesville, VA 23398