Overnight Camp | YMCA Camp Silver Beach

CSB: All-inclusive overnight camp

At YMCA Camp Silver Beach, everything’s included—all your favorite foods, all your favorite sports and even all your favorite colors (if you like green trees, blue water and golden sunsets, that is). Located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, YMCA Camp Silver Beach is an overnight summer camp for ages 8 to 16, set on 151 amazing acres filled with forests, trees and wetlands and surrounded by the seriously beautiful Chesapeake Bay. This is true paradise—and best of all, it’s just for kids and teens (and, okay, some pretty awesome counselors, lifeguards and instructors too).

Overnight Camp Choices

Overnight Camp


One Week: $895

Ages: 8 - 16 years old

Land, water and evening activities

Two Week Camp


Two Weeks: $1,750

Rising 6th - 9th graders

More time for activities and friendships

Expedition Camp


One Week: $1,045

Ages: 13 - 16 years old

Offsite Trip and Travel Camp

Teen Adventure Camp


Three Weeks: $2,700

Rising 9th - 11th graders

Three weeks of adventure, fun and friendships

Leadership Development


Three Weeks: $2,700

Age: 16

Learn leadership and teamwork skills

Specialty Camp Options


One Week: $100 - $300

Ages: Variable

Spend more time learning your favorite activities