Blue Group

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 4:45–5:45 pm

This is our stroke instructional program. Blue swimmers are those that are advancing out of our White Group. There is an emphasis on stroke technique, turns, starts and fun. Swimmers have shown the ability to swim all four competitive strokes. This begins to introduce swimmers the world of competitive swimming. Blue swimmers are encouraged to attend and participate in all home meets and at least one travel meet per season.


  • Minimum age is 5
  • Swim legal 200 yard freestyle with flip-turns and streamlines
  • Swim legal 100 backstroke with flip-turns and streamlines
  • Show competence in butterfly and breaststroke. 
  • Ability to listen and execute independent set instructions, as well as positively interacting with teammates.


  • Required 2 out of 3 practice sessions for attendance, 3 are encouraged
  • Ability to listen and follow basic instructions for entry level set development is necessary at this level
  • Learning to set goals
  • Swimmers taught dolphin kicking, butterfly stroke technique, breaststroke technique, awareness of the Individual turn and stroke structure. 
  • Continued refinement and emphasis of streamlines and good body position as well as refinement of starts and turns. 
  • Introduction to set development, conditioning and endurance.


  • Water bottle
  • Swim Cap
  • Goggles 

$40/Month ($10 multi-swimmer discount)