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Tidal Waves Swim Team | Outer Banks Family YMCA

Competitive Swimming in the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks Family YMCA Tidal Waves swim team provides a place for young swimmers to be transformed as student athletes, accomplishing more than they thought possible. We strive to provide an environment that inspires young athletes to be the best they can be. As coaches we will both demonstrate and teach skills of discipline, accountability and leadership to be used in and out of the pool. Swimmers will be pushed to work hard and to approach everything with a positive attitude. Through the vision of the Tidal Waves coaching staff and the Outer Banks Family YMCA, all swimmers will be pushed towards achieving excellence and success. 


Program Offerings

White Group

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:45–4:45pm, ages 5+
This group is for children who have completed swim lessons and are ready for an introduction to swimming. The four competitive strokes are introduced along with training drills, dives and games to make swimming a fun and interactive sport.

Blue Group

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 4:45–5:45pm, ages 5+
This is our stroke instructional program. Blue swimmers are those that are advancing out of our White Group who have shown the ability to swim all four competitive strokes.

Black Group

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5:45–6:45pm + Tuesday, 5:15–6:15pm, ages 7+  
This group is designed to introduce athletes to a more competitive experience at meets and at practice in order to begin to develop racing strategies. Swimmers in this group are gradually introduced to aerobic training with a focus on maintaining proper stroke mechanics.

Silver Group

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5:00–7:15pm + Tuesday, Friday, 5:30–7pm
This group is designed to introduce athletes to a greater volume of aerobic endurance training as well as a continued commitment to stroke refinement in all four strokes including starts, turns, and finishes.