Sports Information

Sports schedules, updates, and more, right in your YMCA account

As we continue to work thoughtfully to improve your experience and reduce your need to have more than one login while interacting with the Y, we’re pleased to announce that sports schedules, news and announcements have been added to your YMCA account!

How to access:

  1. Visit and log in with your email address and password.

  2. Click My Account, then click My Leagues

  3. Click Events to see a list of practices and games.

  4. Click your league name to see practice and game schedules on a calendar.

  5. Click your team name to see news and updates.

As enrollment wraps up, our sports team is working to assign teams and schedule practices and games for the upcoming season. We’ll be in touch with you again in the next several days when team assignments are complete and practice schedules have been published. Until then, you may not see any information when looking at your leagues.