Starting Preschool | Preschool

Our preschool program operates on an academic calendar where we have a heavier skills curriculum September through mid-June and transition to a summer camp-style program June through August. We continually accept enrollment in the program as long as space is available.

We are state licensed and accredited which is required for most child care providers in Virginia. State licensing ensures a safe and supportive environment is created for your child. Part of our licensing requirement includes collecting the following information pre-enrollment in the program

  • Immunization records
  • Health history form
  • Emergency contacts
  • Recent physical examination record

If you’re ready to enroll your child today, click the Register button above, then create or login to your Y account to complete the reservation process. You’ll receive a follow-up message in your email, prompting you to log in to your Y account to upload and manage your state-required documents.

Helpful tips to prepare your child for a successful first day

  • Share openly about your feelings and encourage your child to share his/her feelings. It’s natural to be scared or feel overwhelmed and important to stay calm and supportive.
  • Visit the school and classroom together before the first day.
  • Pack a small piece of home with your child on the first day like a favorite picture or sending a favorite cup in his/her lunchbox.
  • Practice your routine for a few days before you start so your preschooler gets acclimated to the new wake-up time, breakfast and changing routine. Have them help with preschool prep like picking out their backpack, lunch box or clothes for school.
  • Mimic preschool rules or schedules beforehand and at home on the weekends with similar nap times, putting their own toys away, putting jackets on.
  • Talk through the first day of school so they understand what to expect including when you’ll pick them up and what you’ll do after school ends
  • Plan for a swift, but loving drop-off where you aren’t sneaking away or lingering too long. If they’re upset at drop off, help to engage them in a fun activity then depart.
  • Know that it may be a process to get into a new routine but stick to your plan and provide loving, supportive conversations and care.