Team FAQ

Q: Who can play?
A: YMCA sports leagues are open to boys and girls of all skill levels. Participants do not need a YMCA membership to play YMCA sports. Ages vary by location due to field access.

Q: How are players placed on teams?
A: Players are placed on teams based on their age and requests. The information you provide while registering plays a large role in how teams are drafted.

Q: What if I have a specific request?
A: We try to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored. For teammate or coach requests, you must indicate who you are requesting at time of registration.

Q: How many players are on a team?
A: Soccer 8-14 players, Basketball 8-10 players, Flag Football 8-12 players, T-ball 8-10 players

Q: How are age divisions determined?
A: Divisions are determined by age, maturity, and skill level. YMCA Youth Sports age divisions are guidelines and not rules set in stone. If you have children who needs to play up or down for one reason or another (they are ready to play with the older kids, all of their friends are moving up, etc.), talk to the person running the league and they should be able to accommodate you.

Travel Basketball teams don’t have this much flexibility. Once a kid is too old for a particular age group, they absolutely cannot play in the younger age group. They must move up. Some teams will allow younger players to “play up,”

Q: Where can I find team information?
A: Leagues is our league management system that assigns team schedules and rosters, right in your YMCA account. You can access Leagues by signing into your YMCA account, then clicking Leagues from the account menu.


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