Weekly Themes | YMCA Summer Day Camp

Summer Camp at the Y

Are you ready for an amazing summer of camp? In Activity Central for children ages 5–9 and Tween Camp for children ages 10–12, weekly themes help set the tone for all sorts of fun activities where kids explore, discover and grow. Here's what we've got planned for this year.

Paint Me Silly


The colors fly high during Paint Me Silly week! Prepare to get messy as we toss, play, and make camp colorful! Splatter paint, water colors, and ultimate color capture the flag are just a few of our colorful events.

Heroes & Fireworks


Discover the land we call home! We will celebrate everything red, white and blue, from hometown heroes to firework crafts to exploring the American frontier. This week will be filled with stars and stripes galore with a little bit of geography and patriotic activities thrown in.

Secret Agents


Become a secret agent and unveil the mystery of the missing cookies at your camp. Participate in scavenger hunts and figure out the hidden codes to unlock the riddles. You will have to be as stealth as a ninja in the laser maze and sharp-eyed to analyze the fingerprint art. Every day is a mystery, and anything can happen! Help solve a mystery on Friday as we figure out who’s responsible for kidnapping the Camp Director.

Holiday Hoopla


Experience a full year in just one week of camp. We will bring the magic of the year's holidays straight into July. From Winter Holidays to Halloween to St. Patrick's Day the celebrations are sure to be off the charts.

Galaxies Far Far Away


The First Order is back. Camp is in imminent danger! Throughout the week, our campers/troopers will learn the ways of the Force, the art of the lightsaber, and how to calm their mind and trust their instincts. All these skills will be vital to help save our galaxy!

Rollercoaster Tycoon


Become a YMCA “Imagineer”. Join us for our STEM filled week. We will compete to build the best camp camp amusement park we can. Construct your own roller coasters, create game booths, and sit back and enjoy the ride of summer camp.

Camp's Got Talent!


We are rolling out the red carpet this week as you become a movie star. Create your own hollywood star and have your chance to share your talent during the Camp Wide Talent Show Extravaganza! We have a spot for all, show your talents on stage or behind the scenes.

Blast from the Past


Get ready to move to the oldies and groove to the music of today. Each day we will go back in time and visit experiences from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today. From Elvis to tie dye, we will have something for everyone!

Safari Carnival


Come one, come all, big and small to our super fun circus carnival. At the safari carnival there will be shouting, roaring, stamping, whistles, rolling, and rooting. From constant movement to constant noise. Put on your safari hat and grab your binoculars because it’s about to get wild in here!

Mythical World


Look out for giants, wizards, and elves! In the realm of mythical creatures, anything goes! Join us for fairy tales, dragon races, castle designing, wizard code cracking, and elf tag. We might even search out bigfoot!

Tropical Paradise


What better way to spend your week at camp than with a cool island vibe? We will be introducing campers to summer fun and games with our Aloha themed week From Limbo contests, tiki tosses, and beach ball volleyball join us while we bring the beach to the Y.