Weekly Themes | YMCA Summer Day Camp

Summer Camp at the Y

Are you ready for an amazing summer of camp? In Activity Central for children ages 5–9 and Tween Camp for children ages 10–12, weekly themes help set the tone for all sorts of fun activities where kids explore, discover and grow. Here's what we've got planned for this year.

Welcome to the Jungle


Come venture off the beaten path with us as we tap into our Wild Side! Campers will go on a wild adventure exploring different animals, lush foliage and maybe even discover a hidden temple or a new species! Be careful, it’s a jungle out there!

Lost in Space


Planets, Stars and Aliens, oh my! What child isn't intrigued by the wonders of the universe? Join us as we explore the solar system, and all the unknown through unique challenges. Get ready for a week of science-based camp activities. Rocket Ships anyone?

Superheroes Unite


Unleash your superhero! Campers will have fun taking on villains, training to improve their superhero strength and may even meet some real life heroes during the week!

Wacky Sports of Sorts


This is the perfect specialty for active campers who enjoy the sillier side of sports and just want to have a blast trying new things! Each day, campers will participate in a variety of active and enjoyable games and activities. All a little different from what campers might expect. 

Enchanted Forest


Welcome to the magical world of make believe! This camp will allow campers to immerse themselves into their favorite book, movie or fairy tale. Watch out as our campers explore for giants, wizards, and elves! In this enchanted forest, anything goes!



Do you have what it takes to work together as a team and persevere? Put on your game face and take on challenges that focus on the core values of honesty, caring, respect, responsibility, and faith. Campers will compete in daily team challenges, search for immunity tokens, and try to be the last team standing.

Top Secret


Have you ever wanted to be a Spy? Imaginations gain fuel in this Top Secret Mission. Campers' creativity will soar at the YMCA summer day camp all week long! Campers will work together to solve the Top Secret Mission with hands-on activities that encourage creative problem solving skills, teamwork, and innovation. Bring your spy gear and be ready to find some clues!



Oh no! We’ve been shipwrecked! What will it take to survive a week of being shipwrecked at the Y? Find out as we build our own boats, sing songs, decode a pirate’s map, search for buried treasure, and more!

Rolling out the Red Carpet


It’s Showtime!!! We are calling all campers to the stage. We’ll weave creative camp activities with the performing arts to create an Oscar-winning experience. So if you like to act, sing, dance, or tell jokes, then this will be your time to shine!

Time Travelers


3, 2, 1…Blast off with us this week as we travel out of this decade to explore past and future decades. Start up your DeLorean, hop in your TARDIS or jump into that portal because we are leaving 2023 behind.

Color Blast


Campers will learn traditional and crazy-fun ways of adding color to their art. In this week-long summer camp, students will explore painting, drawing, ceramics, and mixed media projects while bonding with their peers during collaborative teamwork games and challenges.