Weekly Themes | YMCA Summer Day Camp

Are you ready for the best summer ever? In Activity Central and Tween Camp, weekly themes help set the tone for all sorts of fun activities where kids explore, discover and grow. Here's what we've got planned for this year.

Under the Big Top


Week 00: June 10–14
North Carolina camps only

Kick summer off under the big top! Ringmasters, feats of strength, performances and excitements will flavor their week of camp as campers enjoy the start to the best summer ever!

Super Hero Summer


Week 01: June 17–21

Unleash your inner superhero! Campers will have fun taking on villains, training to improve their superhero strength and may even meet some real life heros during the week!

Under the Sea


Week 02: June 24–28

Campers will explore the beaches and oceans of the world and see how we play a big part in taking care of the ocean! They will also discover new marine life & plants that inhabit our oceans and beaches while taking part in many fun aquatic activities! 

Summertime Celebrations


Week 03: July 1–5

This is a crazy week of celebrations when every day is a holiday, including a birthday bash. Campers can celebrate Christmas in July, dress up for Halloween, and so much more, and each day will be filled with games, crafts and surprises. 

To Infinity and Beyond


Week 04: July 8–12

Campers will have a blast learning about the universe and participating in activities such as rocket building, making solar system models and more as we reach for the stars. We may even have to protect our planet from a few unwanted guests!

International Carnivale


Week 05: July 15–19

Campers will experience different world cultures without leaving the Y! Children will map a course to go around the world in five days and have fun while learning. 

Summer Safari


Week 06: July 22–26

Does your camper love animals and adventures? Send your camper on the expedition of a lifetime as he/she will learn about different animals and their habitats through a variety of interactive activities. From nature hikes to scavengers hunts, this week is sure to bring out the explorer in your camper.

Back to the Future


Week 07: July 29–August 2

Calling all time travelers! We are looking for a great collection from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and even 2000s as well as all of our futuristic friends. Come as flappers, hippies, past historical figures or even your parents to prepare for a blast from the past!



Week 08: August 5–9

Welcome to the magical world of make believe! This camp will allow campers to immerse themselves into their favorite book, movie or fairytale and participate in activities that will make them feel like princesses, knights, jedi masters or Hogwarts students. Your camper's favorite characters come to life through imagination. Costumes are not only welcomed, they are required. 

Lights, Camera, Action!


Week 09: August 12–16

Campers will enjoy a week of singing, exploring the world of theater and performing for their fellow campers. With a focus on the basics of singing and acting, campers will learn about a variety of music genres, perform skits, and express their creativity through music and drama. 

Spirit Week


Week 10: August 19–23

Get ready to bring your camp spirit! Daily dress up themes, crazy competitions, and exciting competitions will make Spirit Week the highlight of your summer.

Under the Big Top


Week 11: August 26–30
Select Virginia camps only

Finish summer off under the big top! Ringmasters, feats of strength, performances and excitements will flavor their week of camp as campers enjoy their last week of summer!